“I was amazed with the quality of service at Kensington Dental Practice and most importantly how everyone was friendly and caring. I highly recommend Kensington Dental Practice and i will go back again 100%”.

“I was terrified of going to dentist.  If i had a problem, I had to be drugged and be sleep,otherwise no-one could make me open my mouth for a dentist.  My biggest phobia was the dentist! I can’t believe I am over this phobia because of Dr Mia Zhand!  She is the most amazing person/dentist i have ever met.  Believe me I met a few…  She is patient, has the most calming effect on people.  She is gentle, understanding.  She is an amazing dentist.  After 35 years of fear, I can finally sit on a dentist’s chair with no worries at all.  I don’t even need injections.  I would have never believed it if someone told me I would be over my fear! The work on my teeth is amazing.  I look like a new person with shiny and healthy teeth.  Thank you Dr Mia Zhand!”

Mrs Moloney


“At ‘Kensington Dental Practice’ I am always greatly welcomed and looked after by both front desk staff and the dentist. Dr Zhand is so thorough and precise and so myself and my family have built up a lot of trust in him over the years. Would recommend to anyone.”

Sharon Cheeseman


“I was greeted by warm friendly staff upon arrival. Dentist used very simple language to make me understand what exactly needed to be done. I felt very much looked after. I will go again.”

Vladimir Radivojev


“My experience with “Kensington Dental Practice” was exceptionally good. The level of hygiene, clinical work and professionalism is to a very high standard. Excellent patient care! I am very impresses and would recommend to anyone.”

Amir Nia


“Recently as a tourist of your fantastic city of London, I experienced symptoms relating to a tooth complaint of which in turn required immediate attention from a dental practitioner.

Given that my wife and I were currently residing short term within the Kensington area, your practice was offered as an entity of integrity to enable my tooth dilemma to be addressed.

After carrying out an assessment from x-rays, an informed decision to have this addressed immediately by the dentist was auctioned, acknowledging that the final evaluation was supported with a financial breakdown in its entirety to enable an informed decision to be made by me.

Therefore, it is with air of enthusiasm that I scribe this letter to the board acknowledging your dentist and staff on the given day being Tuesday 12th July 2011, for the absolute empathy and professional service bestowed upon both my wife and I as transient clients in securing an honourable result.

I can unequivocally state that the professional service received via the varied levels of this practice, I have not experienced an equivalent level here in Australia, and therefore those persons mentioned in the proceeding context of this letter I hereby personally offer an extended thank you.”

Paul Burrows


“The experiences I have had at the Kensington Dental Practice have only been positive. Every member of staff have given me ease of mind and confidence through their efficient but caring approach. They have been thoroughly competent and dedicated throughout my visits.  The results of their hard work and diligence are with me whenever I smile!”



“I must say I was impressed with the level of service I received the minute I stepped into the practice. I was warmly welcomed upon my arrival. Dr Mia Zhand came and greeted me in the waiting area and accompanied me to her room. I must admit that I was not the bravest person when it came to facing dentists and dental chair. I was extremely nervous before I even opened my mouth. She begun the examination and identified two decayed teeth, with one needing an urgent root canal procedure. She very nicely explained the problems in simple language and assured me that I won’t feel anything. She was spot on and a minute into the root canal procedure I decided to relax myself and let go of the poor armrest and enjoy the experience for the very first time. The nurse was also very kind and gentle, particularly with the suction device.  But overall, my experience has been superb and I have over come the “Dental-phobia” now!! Thanks to Kensington Dental Practice’s team!”
Dr A. Angadji

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