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    For Immediate Dental Pain Relief Call
    020 7937 9097

    Mon – Sat: 9am – 6pm

    Out of hours and weekend dental emergency line: 07958901920 

    Our emergency dental services are here to support you during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our experienced team are here to help as soon as possible to alleviate dental pain or other dental-related symptoms. At Kensington Dental Practice, we are set up to assist with your dental emergency.

    • Emergency Consultation £65

    • PPE in place piece of mind

    • Clinic disinfected after every visit

    • All staff adhere to COVID-19 Guidelines

    • Treatment started on your first visit

    • Highly experienced dental team

    Looking for a 24-Hour Emergency Dentist in Kensington, London & Chelsea Area?

    If you’re in need of an emergency dentist, get in touch right away. We offer 24-hour emergency dental services from our clinic in Kensington High Street, London, W8 5SU.

    These are situations that need the immediate attention of a dentist, especially when severe pain, bleeding, or trauma is present. Some of the emergency dental emergencies include: severe toothache, gum or tooth cavity injury, lost dental filling, lost/broken dental crown, or a knocked-out tooth.


    What Dental Problems Can an Emergency Dentist help you with at Kensington Dental Practice in London?

    There are numerous dental problems that we can help you with to make sure you are pain-free, have healthy gums and smile and help you overcome conditions such as bad breath, which are more than likely caused by poor dental hygiene.

    Problems include:

    • Toothache or Tooth Pain
    • Root Canal Problems
    • Sensitive Teeth
    • Loose or Missing Teeth
    • Lost Filling
    • Broken Dental Crown
    • Uncomfortable Dentures
    • Wisdom Tooth Pain
    • Broken Teeth
    • Bad Breath

    NERVOUS & ANXIOUS PATIENT CARE – Dr Mia Zhand is a Dental Phobia Certified Professional.

    We have a special interest in dental anxiety and take great pride in helping nervous patients, including IV sedation. If you’ve had a bad experience getting dental work in the past– we understand why you might avoid seeing the dentist unless it is absolutely necessary. With the help of high-tech methods like IV sedation, we can create positive, pain-free experiences of dental treatment, wiping the slate clean on dental fear and putting nervous patients back on the path to long-term oral health.


    I had a sever infection and i was in so much pain, i called in for an emergency, they were very helpful and even though they were fully booked they managed to fit me in. I am very happy

    Hebba KazemiGoogle Review

    This is my first time writing a review, i think this place really deserves it, i was in so much pain when i called in for an emergency, even though they were really busy, they didn’t hesitate to see me straight away, and the experience was so pleasant. I want to thank you all for your hard work.

    Zahra HabibiGoogle Review

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