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    How we help patients with dental anxiety

    DentalPhobia Certified

    Dr Mia Zhand is a Dental Phobia Certified professional. We have a special interest in dental anxiety and take great pride in helping nervous patients, including with IV sedation. If you’ve had a bad experience getting dental work in the past – perhaps as far back as childhood – we understand why you might avoid seeing the dentist unless it is absolutely necessary. But the problem is, this creates a vicious cycle. If you wait until you are in pain before seeing a dentist, it is more likely that your dental treatment will be uncomfortable and invasive – which only reinforces your fears, and causes you to avoid the dentist again. At Kensington Dental Practice, we want to help our nervous patients break that cycle. With the help of high-tech methods like IV sedation, we can create positive, pain-free experiences of dental treatment, wiping the slate clean on dental fear, and putting nervous patients back on the path to long-term oral health.

    Dr Mia Zhand is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.


    Your IV sedation dentist in London

    Also known as conscious sedation, IV (intravenous) sedation is an effective way to treat the most nervous of patients. The procedure involves an injection of an anti-anxiety sedative (Midazolam), either in the arm or the back of the hand. The needle is very light and thin, and we can use a special numbing cream if you are needle-phobic. Midazolam has three key benefits: it causes you to feel completely relaxed and calm; it makes you sleepy; and it has an amnesiac effect. Patients usually believe they slept through the whole procedure, remember very little of it, and feel as though the time passed in minutes. Unlike a general anaesthetic, IV sedation doesn’t prevent communication; your dentist will be able to rouse you to ask questions if required, though it is unlikely that you will remember afterwards.

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    Wonderful dental practice. Gentle, caring, thorough, very professional. I highly recommend them.

    tasha kayGoogle Review

    I love this place, very professional, caring, polite and their work is great. I defiantly recommend this clinic.

    Mel MelodyGoogle Review

    You could not ask for a more caring, professional and supportive dental practice. they are all great.

    sharlet jakeGoogle Review

    I can't recommend them enough. Like most people I can't stand the dentist....the guys here are very professional, easy to talk to and help ease any anxieties you may have. Will be back in 6 months.

    J HGoogle Review

    I recommend this practice to any one who has been ignoring their oral health because of the fear of dentist.

    nima alinejadGoogle Review

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