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    Cosmetic Tooth Alignment

    Cfast is fast becoming one of the most popular fixed clear brace systems in the world. The tooth-coloured wires and brackets make this innovative orthodontic treatment a cutting edge solution for fast, discrete treatment.

    Cfast’s minimal design makes it lighter and more comfortable to wear as well as hard to notice. With a slick design and quick results that look fabulous, it’s hard not to love Cfast.

    Officially called anterior alignment orthodontics, Cfast moves your ‘social six’ or your front teeth that show when you smile to give you the uniform smile you’re looking for.

    If your smile could do without minor gaps, protrusion, crookedness or misalignment, Cfast has you covered.

    First Class Subtle Straightening

    Cfast doesn’t just look great. It’s genuinely one of the quickest orthodontic treatments around. Just five months could transform your smile and boost your confidence.

    Sound good? There’s more. Cfast nickel-titanium wires and brackets are shaded perfectly to the colour of your teeth. That means no one will notice your braces unless they’re standing at point-blank range.


    What Can I Expect From Treatment with Cfast?

    Your consultation will begin with us taking images and impressions of your smile. From these images, we’ll create a 3D version of how we plan your smile to look at the end of treatment. 

    Now, using the 3D renders and impressions, we can create your clear brace. The impressions will be sent to a laboratory where your brace will be crafted bespoke to your specifications.

    When we receive your brace back from the lab, we’ll place it, ensuring it fits perfectly and comfortably and your treatment can begin. The brace will exert gentle straightening pressure to gradually bring the teeth to the ideal position.

    After around five months, your treatment should be complete, and you can say goodbye to your braces and hello to a stunningly straight and beautiful smile.


    Is there a quicker way to straighten teeth than Cfast?

    Cfast is one of the fastest orthodontic systems out there. There might be other treatments that promise quick turnarounds like this one, but we think Cfast is one of the most effective and efficient treatments out there.

    Is Cfast treatment painful?

    No. Like with any orthodontic treatment, Cfast might feel strange for the first couple of days as your teeth get used to the feeling of braces on the. But, this should subside in a week or two.

    How long does treatment with Cfast take?

    The average treatment time with Cfast is between four and six months. Some rare cases have lasted up to nine months, but this has only occurred with severely misaligned teeth.

    Get Your Smile on Track

    Want a perfectly straight smile? Contact our clinic today to find out how you can get the smile of your dreams with Cfast clear braces.

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