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    If the thought of elastic bands stretching and pulling your teeth puts you off getting a straighter smile, look no further than Damon braces from Kensington Dental Clinic.

    Damon braces are smaller, lighter, more comfortable and more discreet than traditional braces – and they’re faster too.

    Damon braces are self-ligating which means fewer trips to the orthodontist to get your braces tightened. Instead of traditionally using elastic bands to hold your braces together, Damon braces use small clips to keep them in place. The result? A more innovative, convenient and quicker way to straighten.


    Damon Braces vs Traditional Braces

    The term self-ligating refers to the clips’ self-tightening metal door style mechanism that keeps your braces in place. Traditionally, your braces would be supported by elastic bands  – the most common cause of pressure and discomfort during treatment. The elastic-free metal clips make Damon braces much more comfortable than conventional fixed braces.

    Since Damon braces tighten themselves, you have fewer uncomfortable tightening sessions with the orthodontist which means less time in the chair.

    Compared to traditional train track braces, Damon braces are super comfortable. That is because they enjoy a much lower profile than chunky conventional braces. This causes less abrasion and is less likely to give you sores or discomfort.


    How Do Damon Braces Work?

    We’ll talk you through what you can expect from the treatment.  Then, we’ll start collecting images, scans and impressions of your smile to begin designing your Damon braces. 

    Then, we’ll clean and polish your teeth, apply a conditioner and prepare a gentle bonding agent which we’ll use to fix the braces to the surface of your teeth. Next, we’ll fit the braces carefully, removing any excess bonding agent, and your teeth will start straightening from the moment you leave our clinic.

    Typically, you can expect to wear your braces for around 12-16 months. Once your teeth are straightened and aligned, we’ll gently remove the braces, leaving you with a beautiful new smile.

    We’ll then design and create your retainer, which you should wear overnight to avoid your smile relapsing and help your teeth keep their stunning new shape.


    Are Damon braces uncomfortable?

    No. However, it can take a day or two to get used to the feeling of your new braces. Over time, you’ll get used to wearing them. Any discomfort should subside after a day or two. Plus, compared to traditional ‘train track’ braces, they’re far more comfortable and less abrasive.

    How do I look after my Damon braces?

    You should also brush after every meal to avoid plaque build-up. This might sound excessive, but plaque build-up could cause some severe harm to the health of your gums and could even affect the results of the treatment.

    Do I need to return to the dentist to get my Damon braces tightened?

    No, your Damon braces will be self-ligating, so they’ll cleverly tighten themselves over time. The clip mechanism on Damon braces allows the braces to tighten little by little over time, making your treatment smoother than traditional braces. However, you’ll still need to pop in to the clinic so we can check that treatment is progressing as planned. 

    Will people be able to tell I’m wearing Damon braces?

    Damon braces help you to avoid the metal-mouth look. They’re miles more discreet than traditional braces because they’re smaller. So, only someone standing at point-blank range will notice you’re wearing them.

    It’s a lovely Modern clinic in Kensington offering high quality services from a well trained practitioners. Thank you so much Dr Maryam Sabbaghi for taking good care of me.

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