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    When time is of the essence and discretion is vital, look no further than Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is the fast orthodontic solution to misaligned teeth, gaps or bite issues that gives you a straighter, beautiful smile in just six months.

    Six Month Smiles is a discreet fixed brace which uses nickel-titanium braces to gently move your teeth to their perfect position. Why does it only take six months? Because Six Month Smiles focuses on the ‘social six’ – a term coined by dentists to describe the six teeth on show when you smile.

    The fixed braces can be coloured however you like. Most patients choose tooth-coloured and transparent options for super-discreet straightening but you could choose to make a statement with bold colours if you’d prefer. 


    Six Month Success

    Forget waiting up to two years for a straighter smile; your confidence will soar after just six months of treatment with Six Month Smiles at Kensington Dental Clinic. The difference just six months of treatment can make can be truly uplifting.

    Our team has undergone rigorous training to provide Six Month Smiles to the brand’s high standards. Here at Kensington Dental Clinic, you’re guaranteed quality treatment from one of London’s most experienced and skilled teams.

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    Getting a Six Month Smile

    The first step of undergoing treatment with Six Month Smiles is consulting with you on whether it’s the best treatment for you. You can meet our friendly team, and we’ll walk you through the process.

    Next, we’ll fit your braces. We’ll carefully but precisely hold them in place so they’re super comfortable while being tight enough to straighten your smile efficiently.

    Your braces will begin gently working on your teeth straight away. Once they’re fitted, we’ll invite you back into the clinic every month to tighten your braces and check on your progress.

    Now, your treatment is almost complete. At roughly the five-month mark, you’ll notice that your teeth have begun to straighten up nicely, and you can get excited for the final session with us. 

    After six months, your treatment is complete. You can return to our clinic one final time, and we’ll remove your braces to reveal your stunning new smile.


    Does Six Month Smile treatment really take just six months?

    Yes, the average time of treatment is as little as six months. This is because the treatment focuses on your smile’s primary six front teeth, so treatment and downtime are kept to a minimum.

    Does Six Month Smiles treatment hurt?

    No Six Month Smiles doesn’t hurt. Your braces might feel a little strange at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. Any discomfort usually subsides within the first couple of days, and you’ll forget you’re even wearing braces after a couple of weeks.

    Will I need a retainer with Six Month Smiles?

    Yes, and there are discreet options for you to choose from. All orthodontic treatments require you to wear a retainer once it’s complete because this lessens the chances of relapse and keeps your smile beautifully straight for longer.

    Will people be able to tell if I’m wearing braces with Six Month Smiles?

    No, your braces can be tooth-coloured, so no one should notice you’re wearing them. The wires are also tooth-coloured for extra discretion. On the other hand, if subtlety isn’t your thing, you can opt to have your Six Month Smiles braces in a bolder colour.

    Excellent patient care. Unique dentistry. Most definitely recommended.

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    Before & After Six Month Smiles

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    If your misaligned or gappy smile needs a quick fix, call our team now and start your six-month journey to a stunning smile today.

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