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6 Month Smiles Braces

If time and discretion are of the essence in correcting your teeth, this may be the best treatment for you. Advantages include tooth-coloured brackets, white wires, 4-6 month treatment with minimal discomfort, and usually even a lower cost than traditional metal braces.

How can these braces work in only 6 months?

This treatment emphasizes on aligning the teeth mainly. The special wires made of nickel titanium are able to move your teeth gently yet effectively into position.

Will 6 Month Smiles braces be obvious to others?

Another special feature of 6 month braces is that the brackets and wires are colored to look like your natural teeth. Unlike with traditional braces, some people may not even notice you have braces.

Are 6 Month Smiles braces comfortable compared to traditional braces?

Since the emphasis on this treatment is the appearance of your front teeth rather than the changes of your bite, you should experience less discomfort than traditional braces. The steady approach of 6 month braces is orthodontically sound, yet moves teeth faster than traditional treatment.

Does the speed of 6 Month Smiles cause damage to my teeth?

This treatment carries no more risk to teeth, their roots or your gums than traditional braces. Usually 6 Month Smiles do not even require extractions, resulting in fewer overall risks.

Is a retainer required afterward?

You need to expect to wear a retainer as long as you want your teeth to stay in their new straighter position. Depending on preference and your personal situation, you may have a choice between a retainer that is removable and one that is bonded permanently behind your front teeth.

Why would I not choose 6 Month Smiles?

This treatment is, quite simply, the superior option for many people. 6 Month Smiles works for adults and adolescents over the age of 15, who have gaps or crooked teeth in the front, without serious bite issues. If this describes you, contact your dentist today for a consultation.


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