What is a bridge?

A dental bridge is an appliance which fills the space left by a missing tooth. It is often made of precious metal, such as gold, covered with porcelain. But sometimes has other metals mixed in when cost is a factor. Further, when the bridge is in a more visible spot, the dental bridge is made of porcelain only for cosmetic purposes. Different kinds of bridges are available to best meet your needs. This page answers commonly asked questions about bridges.

Why is a bridge important?

The purpose of a bridge is both functional and cosmetic. Food tends to collect in that space,and eating/chewing can be difficult. Teeth surrounding a gap may begin to collapse into the empty space, which can affect the bite. Filling that empty space can also restore a confident smile when you have been self-conscious of your teeth.

How much work is a bridge to take care of?

Caring for a bridge takes a little more work every day than your own teeth, but is well worth the investment. You will learn to clean carefully around the appliance with dental floss, superfloss and interdental brush before you brush.

What will a bridge cost?

A bridge is a long-term investment to fill that empty space in your mouth and make it functional. The appliance itself is made of precious metal covered with porcelain. It is crafted via collaboration between the dentist and a skilled dental technician, customized just for you, and will last for years in hardworking conditions. This appliance may seem costly. But the solution it offers makes it well worth the investment.

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