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Teeth can sometimes unfortunately break, become chipped, maybe slightly crooked or discoloured. Our Dental Veneers services are available at our Kensington High Street practice in London to restore your smile. Teeth veneers, also known as ‘smile veneers’, can improve your appearance to provide a natural and long lasting smile. This page answers common questions about dental veneers and smile veneers.

Dental Veneers

What are dental veneers & smile veneers?

It is a thin layer of porcelain which  covers the front of the tooth, similar to the way false fingernails cover the underlying nail. It is attached with a special cement that requires little in the way of preparation. Teeth veneers are usually porcelain but can also consist of a composite material.

Why would the dentist recommend a dental veneer?

Veneers are useful in several situations, to modify the appearance of your tooth colour, shape, or position.

  • Discolouration: When one tooth develops a slightly different colour from the others, tooth veneers can help it blend in
  • Chipped tooth or teeth:  When a tooth is chipped, a tooth veneer can cover the front part of the tooth and makes it appear as a natural tooth
  • Misaligned teeth: When a tooth is not aligned with the remaining teeth, tooth veneers sometimes helps to place it back where it should be and aligned with remaining teeth.

Smile Veneers by Kensington Dental, London

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How long should I expect smile veneer to last?

Generally, veneers will last a long time, but they need maintenance just like natural teeth.  Your dentist will give you an estimate of how long to expect your veneer to last. If small chips appear in part of the veneer, they can be filled. If necessary, a whole new veneer can be remade.

How do you prepare teeth for veneer?

  • Initial preparation: Your teeth will initially be ‘shaved’ to remove a bit of the shiny enamel and to roughen the surface of your tooth improve bonding, and to make space for the thin veneer to cover the teeth
  • The initial shaving of your teeth will also help to maintain the natural shape of your smile. If necessary a local anesthetic can be used, but this is not usually required
  • Dental Impression: After the teeth have been prepared, an impression is taken along with information on the shade/colour that is required. Our technicians will then custom make your single or multiple veneers . Your resulting veneer/s will match your adjacent  teeth perfectly.

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Dental Veneers by Kensington Dental in London

How is the tooth veneer treatment carried out?

During the first visit, the dentist will prepare your tooth for your tooth veneers and decide what shade will match your adjacent teeth. When you return for a second visit, the veneer is fitted. You will get to see it on place before it is permanently cemented; once you approve, it will be bonded in place using a special cement.

Will I receive temporary smile veneer in between the visits?

In most cases temporary teeth veneers will be made by your dentist to while you actual new smile is being prepared.

Is there any follow up after a tooth veneers are placed?

Once bonded into place, your porcelain veneer is fairly permanent. Your dentist may schedule a review visit after about a week to make sure you are pleased with the results, and to check the biting surfaces of your veneered teeth is as expected.

What other options do I have?

Sometimes orthodontic dental braces treatment can be an option to align the teeth. Sometimes front teeth may just need a  tooth-coloured filler material. This sometimes suffices as long as the tooth is strong enough to hold the filling in place, but this does not always work for heavily broken teeth.

If a veneer is not a strong enough option, the next step may be a dental crown. A crown is more appropriate for a heavily broken teeth, or teeth compromised by a very large fillings or a root treated tooth. Read more about crowns here.

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