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24 Hour Dental Emergency Treatment in Kensington at Kensington Dental Practice

Dental emergencies are situations when dental problems need the urgent attention of a dentist. In cases when severe pain is present, 24 hour dental pain relief in the London & Kensington area is essential to help the patient deal with the discomfort. Going to an emergency dentist London specialist and the Kensington area is also essential in situations when serious complications can result from not getting immediate dental care.

24 Hour Emergency DentistsIf you need a 24 hour dentist in Kensington for immediate pain relief, call or TXT these emergency numbers at Kensington Dental Practice 07958901920. Email Us Here>

Conditions that Fall under a Dental Emergency in Kensington and London

Severe Toothache – A toothache can be caused by tooth decay, or an impacted wisdom tooth problem. Severe tooth pain may also result when there is food stuck in between the teeth and the gum line. The severe discomfort can be addressed immediately, and to provide a long-term solution to the problem that is causing the severe pain.

Soft Tissue (Gum) or Tooth Cavity Injury – Soft tissue injuries involve the lips, gums, inner cheeks, and the tongue; these injuries are often the result of trauma to the face or mouth area, and often involve bleeding to the areas. These injuries need to be seen as soon as possible by an emergency dentist to stop the bleeding, and to avoid complications from arising.

Knocked-Out Tooth or Lost Dental Crown – When a tooth is knocked out, there is still a possibility that it can be re-attached to its socket. Speak to a Kensington Dental Practice in London within an hour after the incident. It is crucial to see a dentist immediately in knocked-out tooth cases, to increase the chances of the permanent tooth getting successfully re-attached.

Lost Dental Filling – A dental filling that falls off can result to a great deal of sensitivity and pain, and the affected tooth is left vulnerable to infections. It is important to go to an emergency dentist at Kensington Dental Practice as soon as possible so that the lost filling can be replaced immediately.

Lost Dental Crown – A lost dental crown, just like a lost dental filling, leaves the affected tooth vulnerable to pain, sensitivity, and infections. Going to Kensington Dental Practice in London for this dental emergency is necessary to prevent the onset of infection, and also for immediate sensitivity- and pain relief that involve the affected tooth.

If you need to see an emergency dentist, call Kensington Dental Practice in London.

Phone & SMS Hotline 07958901920 or 07980614429 for immediate pain relief. Our dentists are available on call, 24 hours a day. Email Us Here>

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