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Your most attractive feature is your genuine, relaxed smile. Confidence breeds confidence, both in your personal and professional life. Make a good impression by building your own confidence in your smile! Invisalign® braces can help if your teeth are less than perfectly straight, but traditional braces would be less than ideal for your situation. This page answers commonly asked questions about Invisalign® braces.

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Invisalign® – Clearly the Best Choice

Not only are Invisalign® braces suitable for numerous orthodontic situations, but they are also more suitable than traditional braces for regular dental hygiene. These revolutionary braces are clear, so they do not attract negative attention. They are removable, which improves your ability to eat tricky foods and clean your teeth appropriately afterward. And they are comfortable, because they are custom made for your own teeth. Find out why almost half a million people have already used Invisalign® braces and are still smiling about it.

Clinically Effective Treatment

Thousands of dentists have made the switch to recommending this treatment for teeth that are out of alignment, because the benefits are about more than just a pretty smile. Beyond being clear, removable and comfortable, these braces offer a clinical advantage.

This treatment offers greater accuracy of predicting how long the treatment will last. The proprietary software provides you with more visible tracking of your progress. It renders concerns about metal allergies obsolete.Your teeth are cleaned more thoroughly at regular hygienist appointments. And because your braces are custom built, you have less chance of irritation and scratches from the treatment.

Talk to your dentist soon about Invisalign® treatment and whether it might work for your situation.

How Does This Treatment Work?

Initial treatment begins with a series of consultations. At the first visit, your dentist will use proprietary software to make a digital model of how you will be treated. This way you can both see and agree upon the best Invisalign® plan for you.

Once your plan has been created, Invisalign® creates a set of aligners that move your teeth slowly from their current position to the desired position, You need to wear each aligner for two weeks. You can expect regular visits every 6-8 weeks with your dentist as treatment progresses, during which you will change out your aligners for new ones.

Most people progress through their treatment in 9-15 months, with a series of 18-30 aligners. At the end, trade in your final aligner for a perfect new smile!

Why might Invisalign Treatment be best for me?

In summary, here are 21 good reasons to consider the benefits of this treatment.

  1. Predictable treatment time.
  2. Cosmetically attractive, invisible aligners.
  3. No problems with metal allergies.
  4. Easier treatment planning with proprietary software.
  5. Custom-made treatment means less chance for irritation.
  6. Removable treatment means you are able to eat or drink without    limitation during treatment.
  7. You can brush your teeth and floss without problems.
  8. Free consultation with a trained dentist.
  9. Financing available for as long as three years.
  10. Free Invisalign starter kit.
  11. Customized approach to your own teeth.
  12. Treatment progress inspected every six to eight weeks.
  13. Included Invisalign® Refinement treatment continues beyond the scheduled treatment time.
  14. Retainers included when treatment concludes.
  15. Free tooth whitening package included.
  16. One package price covers everything.
  17. All x-rays as well as treatment models included in the package price.
  18. Knowledge of all expected costs and potential overages before beginning treatment.
  19. Appointments available in the evening and during weekend hours.
  20. Treatment fully supervised by a trained dentist.
  21. 24-hour answer line to help with questions about Invisalign braces around the clock.

At Kensington Dental, we will do as much as possible to prevent the need for pulling teeth before this treatment. We are completely dedicated to finding the best solution to make your smile the most beautiful it can be! Contact us today to find out more about Invisalign® braces.

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