Braces today hardly resemble the braces of twenty years ago. In fact, often they hardly resemble anything because of the advent of invisible wires, brackets and aligners that can do the job of traditional metal braces. Additionally, modern braces treatment (both invisible and fast-acting) works both faster and more efficient to straighten and align your teeth with less time and risk. This page describes the variety of options available for straightening teeth. After you familiarise yourself with these options, speak to your dentist about which one might be right for your situation.

Kensington Dental offers two basic categories of braces, both of which work far better than traditional braces of the last generation. Invisible braces minimise the appearance of braces for those wishing to avoid their smile to be affected. These generally work quickly; but for those desiring the most optimal speed of treatment, we also offer a line of fast acting braces.

Invisible Braces


The Invisalign system functions much like traditional braces in that it shifts teeth into their proper position. However, instead of brackets and wires this system uses a series of aligner trays that hardly show, so your coworkers and friends may hardly even be aware of your entire orthodontic treatment. Read more about Invisalign here.

Invisalign Lite

While the full Invisalign treatment utilises 18-30 aligner trays, Invisalign Lite works well for situations in which patients require a faster treatment. This option uses only 14 trays to accomplish the full treatment. Read more about Invisalign Lite here.

Invisalign i7

For even more gentle treatment this option is suitable for very mild crowding and misalignment. Invisalign i7 uses only 7 aligners trays over the course of 14 weeks to accomplish the full treatment. You can speak to your dentist to find out more.

Invisalign Teen

This system is suitable for teenagers only. There is no metal wire needed and nobody can notice you are wearing the aligners. Please speak to your dentist to find out more about it or Read more about Invisalign Teen here.

Incognito Braces

These combine the best of invisible and traditional appliances, to address even more complicated treatments. Brackets are attached behind the teeth so the casual observer will not be distracted by anything noticeable about your mouth.

STb Social 6 Lingual Braces

When you are smiling, the six front teeth on top and on bottom are the only ones visible. As with Incognito, Social 6 also uses brackets attached behind the teeth, to adjust the placement of your front teeth.

Fast Acting and Fixed Braces

Do you have a special event coming up, and want your teeth straightened for the occasion? Check out these options.

Six Month Smile

Yes, you can get your teeth straightened in about six months! Read more about six month braces here.

Inman Aligner

You can start to see results in 6 to 12 weeks, with this appliance. Thanks to the combination of a discreet bar in front of the teeth and a spring coil behind, your teeth respond quickly to pressure from both sides. Read more about Inman Aligner treatment here.

Damon Braces

This system of fixed braces works as much as six months faster than traditional braces treatment.

C-fast Braces

This quick treatment focuses on just the 6 top and bottom teeth that show when you smile. Depending on the best solution for you, this method uses either clear brackets that can work from the front side or back side of the teeth, or possibly even clear aligner trays.

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