Preventive Dentistry

Sometimes regular cleaning checkups seem easy to neglect because you do not notice any painful cavities. Unfortunately, by the time you notice tooth decay due to pain, the damage has progressed to a level which requires more intensive treatment to fix it. This can present a greater challenge and end up costing more than a simple filling . At Kensington Dental, we offer a full spectrum of preventive services to help keep your smile in its optimal condition.

Decay and Disease Detection

At our practice, we examine your teeth under bright light and magnification so we can find decay as early as possible to reduce your total treatment requirement. We also check for symptoms of gum disease, such as bleeding, inflammation, sore tissues or swelling of the gums.

Screening for Mouth Cancer

Did you know that more people die of mouth cancer in the UK than of melanoma, breast or cervical cancer? Mouth cancers are growths on the tongue, or lips or throat that can quickly turn malignant. Only about 50% of those diagnosed with mouth cancer recover, which translates to around 1,700 deaths a year from this aggressive cancer. The best treatment is early detection. We will check for this at your regular check up, but make an appointment sooner if you suspect any kind of problem!

Help with Bad Breath

In addition to preventing decay, and checking for gum disease and mouth cancer, regular checkups really do help with your breath. Many people struggle to have fresh breath, but it is possible to improve it easily. Bacteria grows on food bits stuck between your gums and teeth, and emits an odor which we associate with bad breath.

Bad breath also comes from other sources, including certain foods such as onions and garlic, smoking, and chronic post-nasal drip. Regularly cleaning all the little crevices in your teeth will reduce the numbers of the smelly bacteria from all the above sources.

Custom Mouth Guards

We also offer a custom-made mouth guard. This protects your teeth with an acrylic appliance when grinding or clenching your teeth at night during sleep.A sportgard is especially important when playing sports with risk of facial contact and teeth or dental injury. In the event of chipped or broken teeth, we are also able to fix those with veneers or crowns.

We look forward to consulting with you about your preventive dentistry needs!

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