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What makes Same Day Teeth /All on 4 Implants different from other Dental Implants?

If you’ve got a missing tooth or teeth and are looking for same day dental implants, also known as ‘All on 4 implants’, you can visit our dentist in Kensington High Street in the morning and leave later the same day with a brand new, beautiful smile and complete set of teeth implants!

  • Same day implants, also know as All on 4 or All on 6 implants utilities a technique of placing between 4 to 6 dental implants followed by a full dental bridge or a denture, thus forming a denture supported implant
  • All on 4 implants and your new teeth are carried out in a single dental appointment, allowing for a partial or complete teeth implants and smile restoration
  • Compared to single or traditional teeth implants that can take months to complete, All on 4 Implants and Same Day Teeth methods take a fraction of the treatment time
  • No more dentures! All on 4 dental implants will releases your mouth from ill fitting or loose dentures and allow you to chew and eat the foods you used to

Let’s discuss how All on 4 implants or same day dental implants can restore your smile in one day
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Same Day Teeth / All on 4 Implants Options and Processes

Single Dental Implants:

The implant replaces the tooth root – a crown and abutment are fixed to the implantSame Day Dental Implant in Kensington, London.

Multiple Implants:

2 implants and titanium abutment connectors support a bridge replacing 3 teethSame Day Teeth - Kensington Dental Implants.

All on 4 Dental Implants:

With All on 4 implants a full-arch bridge is attached onto 4 dental implants.
All on 4 Implants from Kensington Dental

4 to 6 Same Day Implants:

4-6 implants are used to support a bridge replace all the teeth
Implant Supported Dentures - Kensington Dental, London


How does the process work?

  • Initial treatment involves a series of consultations. Your dentist will take a detailed medical history, and discuss which same day teeth you may be suitable for. This is a good time to present your concerns and satisfy yourself with the answers provided by your dentists before proceeding
  • Once you choose to proceed, you will have a second appointment to have a further examination along with X-rays. You will also have a CT scan, in order to best determine your treatment plan and location for implant placement
  • Once all the plans for your treatment have been completed,  you will be scheduled for same day dental implant placement.

What can I expect on the day the implants are placed?

  • The premise of Same Day Teeth is that you receive full  set of teeth that are effectively placed using 4-6 implants, with a dental bridge securely fastened to them
  • Your implants are carefully placed along the jaw for maximum stability, making bone grafts unnecessary
  • They are immediately ready for attachment of your bridge. At the end of the procedure, you will appear with a full set of teeth, and they will function as a full set of teeth

Who is appropriate to receive Same Day Teeth?

  • If you have all or nearly all teeth mnissing and are fed up with your dentures then same day teeth implants may be for you
  • It is ideally for those who wish to avoid a lengthy healing time between placement of implants and assocated bridge
  • Benefits those who prefer a less invasive treatment plan that avoids the need for bone grafting and sinus lifting

Let’s discuss how All on 4 implants / same day dental implants can restore your smile in a day
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What are the benefits of Same Day Teeth?

  • Immediate results: Ordinarily, implants require months of healing time to integrate with tissue in the jaw, before attachment of the bridge. With this treatment plan, you walk out of our center with a confident smile already in place!
  • Less invasive: Since Same Day Teeth carefully utilize your bone structure, no bone graft is required.
  • Faster treatment: With the healing time of bone grafts removed from the treatment plan, you will be back to your regular daily routine months very soon.

Feeling a little nervous?

  • Kensington Dental understands dental phobias. We know that you may have a lot of mixed feelings about this type of procedure, and we will work to help set your mind at ease
  • Dr. Faro Zhand is a perfectionist when it comes to  dental implants, and has an excellent reassuring patient rapport. You are welcome to bring your questions and concerns. We offer a pressure-free dental service and your treatment will not start until you are ready to proceed.

What are the payment options for Same Day Teeth Implants?

  • With Kensington Dental, you are able to spread out payments with our 0% financing option for same day dental implants & All on 4 implants
  • No additional charges, no high interest charges. Ask us to discuss payment plans so you can get the implants you need as soon as possible.

Where is Kensington Dental practice?

We’re based in the heart of London on Kensington High Street. Our address is 129-131 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6SU.

Let’s discuss how All on 4 or 6 dental implants can restore your smile in a day
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