What is straight wire orthodontics

November 25th, 2016 by Dr. Farokh Zhand

Straight wire orthodontics involves fixation of an appliance that is attached to the teeth by cement or an adhesive material.

The straight wire is an orthodontic appliance that is either fixed to the teeth or removable used to apply force to the teeth and a structure that produces changes in the relationship between teeth and how they grow and develop.

Straight wire orthodontics is mostly used in orthodontic therapy to move the teeth into esthetically or physiologically better positions to provide better alignments with the dental arch or with the opposing dentition. These wires can be used for treatment of complications or fractures on to the maxilla by stabilizing and keeping the jaws and teeth compactly consolidated.

Straight wire orthodontics has simplified the treatment of orthodontic cases by minimizing the need for time-consuming process of having to bend the wires and coming up with a particular finishing and a sophistication in detailing. A straight wire being a pre-adjusted appliance, seeks to achieve most of the correction but opens up the orthodontist to a scenario where they are able to “fine-tune” the occlusion as required. Some degree of wire bending skills are however required.

Straight wire orthodontics is a concept of using “straight” arch wires for orthodontic treatment with benefits of minimal wire bending and using sliding mechanics. The treatment plant deals with alignment and occlusion. Hence there exists different stages in straight wire orthodontics which comprise, leveling and alignment, apical control and overbite correction, space closure or consolidation and overjet correction and the final phase which is finishing and detailing of both the alignment and the occlusion

Anchorage management in Straight wire orthodontics is  essential and is usually planned and managed from the earliest phase of treatment and planning  with the management being done both intra-orally and extra-orally

Mechanical features in the Straight wire orthodontics involves correct and accurate bracket positioning along with a flat arch-wire to flatten the curve of Spee. It also bands the second molars providing more vertical anchorage and aid in achieving more incisor intrusion. The 0.022” slot allows for use of larger rigid arch-wires stainless steel arches which are less prone to distortion

The advantages of using Straight wire orthodontics include, less wire bending, a better and reliable form of precision is achieved, simpler sliding mechanics are used for better support, flexible biomechanics can be used and there exists   variant multitude of bracket designs.

Straight wire orthodontics also comes with disadvantages however a simple technique it might seem. The shortcomings include; appliance adjustments are still required due to high biological variability in different people’s dental setup. There is also relatively high friction between bracket and arch-wires requiring the use of auxiliary anchorage or expansion appliances, though self-ligating bracket designs are minimizing this problem.  There also exists a problem with anchorage demands/

Straight wire orthodontics remains a crucial concept used in dentistry as a treatment process to make rectify the dental shortcoming and plaster a better smile on those that choose to use it as a viable remedy to their unbecoming teeth.

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