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    When you want to quickly straighten your smile and don’t want fixed, chunky ‘train track’ braces cluttering up your style, look no further than the Inman aligner.

    With treatment this quick, the Inman aligner is the perfect removable orthodontic solution to get your smile fixed and looking dazzling in time for any big occasion.

    Fast treatment with the Inman aligner reduces discomfort and gives you a beautifully straight smile within weeks. With the Inman aligner, you can say goodbye to protrusion, overcrowding and gaps.

    The Inman aligner is also the perfect solution for anyone suffering from relapse from previous orthodontic treatment. So, you can have your smile restored back to its stunning self in no time.


    Effective, Fast Results

    The Inman aligner is uniquely different from other orthodontic treatments. It uses nickel-titanium coil springs to apply small amounts of pressure evenly across your teeth.

    Plus, the fast turnaround on results means you can have a perfect smile in time for that special graduation or wedding. 

    The Inman Aligner takes just 6-18 weeks before you start to see results from your treatment – making the Inman one of the fastest orthodontic treatments yet.

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    What To Expect With The Inman Aligner

    We’ll start by asking you what you want out of your treatment and design your unique treatment plan.

    Then, we’ll take some impressions and images of your teeth to begin crafting your Inman aligner to your specifications. One of the upsides to the Inman aligner is how bespoke the device is, making it a super comfortable fit.

    When we receive your aligner from the lab, it’s time to begin your treatment. You’ll wear your aligner for at least 20 hours a day for around 6-18 weeks to achieve the best results. 

    Once your treatment is over, you can stop wearing your aligner and wear your fabulous new smile.


    How often can I remove my Inman aligner?

    It doesn’t matter how many times you remove your aligner as long as it’s in place for at least 20 hours a day. This is the only way you’ll be able to reach the full potential of your treatment and reap the benefits of a perfect smile.

    Will an Inman aligner affect my speech?

    Some people have reported that their speech can differ in the first hours or days of orthodontic treatment. However, this is the case for all orthodontic treatment and isn’t exclusive to the Inman aligner. Plus, any changes to your speech usually wear off within a few hours.

    Who can have an Inman aligner?

    Only an Inman-accredited dentist will know if it is the right treatment for you, so you should always ask a fully trained Inman aligner clinician. Luckily, we have Inman aligner qualified clinicians here at Kensington Dental Clinic.

    Will I need a retainer after the Inman aligner?

    Yes. The Inman aligner is no different from other orthodontic treatments in that respect. You shouldn’t view wearing a retainer as a burden, though. Retainers keep your smile straight forever, and without them, there’s a high chance that you could undo the hard work and patience you’ve put into treatment over time.

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